Hispanic Heritage Month Event (with Video)

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On October 18, 2012 at 3:00 pm, in the Teachers’ cafeteria, the Native Spanish-speaking students of The Foreign Language Department of Truman High School celebrated the Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time of the year, the Hispanic community is honored and recognized for the positive contributions that they have achieved in this country.

To celebrate this date, our students prepared a unique event expressing their pride and love for being part of this hard working community. This amazing and cultural occasion was the result of the hard work of the students and teachers. The classes that made this celebration possible were the Native classes of Mrs. Roman, Mrs. Hinojosa and the Advanced Placement class of Mrs. Williams. In this celebration, students presented the assignments that they researched in the library and the computer lab with the help of Mrs. Cortez, the school Librarian. Some of the assignments that were presented in this commemoration were the history of the Hispanic Heritage Month, Contributions of Hispanics in this country, famous Hispanic people who have made a difference in this country, and the history of the piñata.

A special guest, Elvin Jamin was also invited. He is a professional Bachata singer who delighted us with his amazing voice and performance. This could not have been a Hispanic celebration without our traditional Hispanic dishes from different countries, and the big surprise of a real piñata.

The celebration was honored with the Presence of our Principal, Mrs. Sana Q. Nasser, Assistant Principal Bharat, Assistant Principal Palmer-Mullings, Assistant Principal De Santis, Ms. Cosci, Mrs. Santana, and Ms. Cortez. This amazing cultural occasion demonstrated pride in our Hispanic heritage. It recognized and enriched our identity and community at Harry S Truman High School.

By Claudia Williams

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