Family Day 2013 Photos

Please enjoy these great photographs (Courtesy of Truman Media Alumna Kadedra Jenkins) from Family Day on June 8, 2013.   The following update was published by Assistant Principal Alvarado about the day’s events:


Wow, is the one word that comes to mind after Saturday’s Family Day. And it was all made possible by the staff that took the time to come and share with our students and their family in a different light.  Not as a teacher, coach, counselor, administrator or an authority figure, but just as family.
Fun was the name of the day and it started with the great carnival games that both Mr. Hart and Mr. Williams (Coach Brian) put together.  Mr. Hart and his students cut out the wood and build the games and Mr. Williams, during his lunch periods, added the art work.  He then stood in the sun for nearly four hours hosting the games.  Minutes later Mr. Macartney jumped into his bathing suit and soon found himself falling into the dunk tank.  After nearly turning into a prune, he along  with Mr. Roush, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Cook sacrificed their face in the “pie-a-teacher in the face” event.  Mr. Macartney was not done, he then put on his band director hat and lead the band as they entertained us with their upbeat tunes.  Mr. Macartney was then replaced by Mr. Cook and Mrs. Bell in the dunk tank allowing the fun to continue.  
Truman’s own DJ Goya, Mr. Virola, AKA Louie, not only provided the music for the event but he was part of the “everything and anything crew” (setting up, electrician, clean up, etc…).
Mrs. Manzo (Darlene) was the chef for the day and Mr. Gordon made sure that the drinks were cold and the food properly served.  Not only were they responsible for the food but they were instrumental members of the “everything and anything crew (Unloading, loading, setting up, and clean up) who worked non-stop for over eight hours.
AP Mullings brought smiles to the face of the many children that claimed their prizes at the prize booth that she manned for over four hours.  Mrs. Mills brought smiles to children and adults alike as she skillfully provided face painting to all from start to finish.
Mrs. Sider provided three fun filled hours of swimming allowing students that had never seen the Truman pool to actually swim and play in it.  
Mrs. Hernandez V., made sure that all in attendance experienced the delicious taste of Mamita’s Ices, which were donated to us by the aforementioned company.  She later began escorting students interested in swimming to the locker room area and served as an additional set of eyes on the pool deck. 
Mr. Chadwick, without hesitating, supervised the open gym/free play for basketball in gym 1B.  He then got his hand dirty by assisting in the kitchen area.
Mr. Neal organized the staff versus student basketball game and conducted and supervised the three on three student basketball tournament.
Mrs. DiLucchio, despite having a prior engagement was here and organized an hour of volleyball between her team members and those in attendance.  And Mrs. Silva, who also had a prior engagement came in and helped dress up the tables.
Mrs. Neverson, despite having to leave work early Friday morning due to being ill, organized a series line dances which brought the event to joyful conclusion. 
The following staff members attended and participated in the festivities:
Mrs. Frantova, Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Cosci, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Reda, Mr. Lane, Mr. Raike, Mrs. Virola, and Mr. Cook.  
A big thank you to the custodial staff for accommodating every request we made and for doing it gracefully.
Thank you all for the FUN!

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