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Stop Bullying
Tools, tips and programs that help people stand up for each other.
  • Introducing the Bullying Prevention Hub
    Resources for teens, parents and educators

  • We are all Daniel Cui
    Watch how students rally behind a goalie and user Facebook to boost confidence

  • Social Resolution of Conflicts on Facebook
    Bringing real-world resolution online, through better language and interactions


Facebook teamed up with Marc Brackett Ph.D. and Robin Stern Ph.D. and their team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to provide youth and adults with valuable tools and strategies to help them effectively address bullying behavior and its consequences. Our combined goal is to develop innovative educational approaches that empower people of all ages with the emotional intelligence skills they need to succeed.
Aggressive behavior that is repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power. This imbalance can be the social status, age, or even physical size of the perpertrator. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.
Teens & Friends

Taking Action

Bullying is a serious problem, and can happen to anyone. It may seem like there is nothing you can do about it, but there is. Here we offer guidance about how you can take appropriate action to put a stop to it.
Parents & Guardians

Taking Action

Whether your child is being bullied or is expressing bullying behavior there are answers. Here we provide some general tips and strategies to help you have a successful conversation and handle the most frequently reported problems of bullying.
Educators & Mentors

Through the use of prevention and education, you can help put a stop to bullying. Establishing safety, creating school policies and a clear system for reporting bullying are essential. Here we provide evidence based strategies to help successfully handle the problems of bullying.
  • Partners in Action
    The BULLY Project
    Nothing replaces the power of teens to create a culture where bullying is uncool, and that starts with social and emotional learning. These resources will empower the hundreds of thousands of followers of The Bully Project.
    Lee Hirsch Director
  • Partners in Action
    Family Online Safety Institute
    It is so important that teens and parents have access to resources to help them prevent and stop bullying. This hub provides just those conversation starters.
    Stephen Balkam Founder and CEO
  • Partners in Action
    Our research proves that informed conversations between parent and children, between parent, and between young people are critical to bullying prevention. These resources will help everyone start these conversations.
    Dr. Joanne Cummings Knowledge Mobilization Director
  • Partners in Action
    International Bullying Prevention Association
    We have an empathy gap in our nation, and we believe that it is imperative that we all understand the nature of what bullying is and what it is not. We need strong, evidence-based prevention and intervention practices.
    Rodger Dinwiddie President
  • Partners in Action
    This hub is unique. It leverages Facebook’s enormous web community to share effective strategies that increase civility and reduce bullying, not only online, but in communities everywhere.
    Marsali Hancock President, CEO


Facebook Tools & Guides

Reporting Bullying
You can report harassing content virtually anywhere on Facebook.

Community Standards
Understanding what type of expression is acceptable on Facebook, and what type of content may be reported and removed.

Social Reporting
This enables people to report problematic content not only to Facebook, but also directly to their friends to help resolve conflicts.

Reporting Guide
Facebook has dedicated teams all over the world and a robust reporting infrastructure that acts upon it.

Manage Privacy Settings
Manage everything from your Facebook account to app settings.

How to Block a Friend
Is a friend hassassing or bullying you? Sometimes the best approach is to block them

How to Remove a Friend
Sometimes the best approach to resolve a problem is to remove them as a friend.

Facebook Help Center
Get answers to all of your questions. You can learn the Facebook safety basics and see how to contact Facebook when you ha

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