Media Students Visit News 12 The Bronx

Media visits News 12

Media students listen to a presentation by Meteorologist Mike Favetta, who explained how he uses various computer models to predict the weather. (Photo: D. Roush)

BRONX, NY – Six students from Mr. Dave Roush’s Media Communications Program took a field trip to the studios of News 12 the Bronx on January 28th.  The trip, which has become an annual tradition for the program, is designed to inspire and motivate first-year members of the program to explore the various careers within the news business.

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Freshman Lester Robinson tries his hand at delivering the 7-day weather forecast using the green “chroma key” screen during his recent visit to News 12 the Bronx. (Photo: D. Roush)

“News 12 the Bronx has been such a great partner for Truman going all the way back to my start here six years ago,” says Roush, who used to be a full-time reporter at the station.  “They’re always welcoming of my students, and they’re by far the most supportive television news agency as far as getting our good Truman stories out to the people of the Bronx.  It’s an amazing partnership.”

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Freshman Quincee Tellis was one of several first-year media students who took over the News 12 The Bronx anchor chair during a recent visit to the station. (Photo: D. Roush)

Cold weather kept this year’s tour group relatively small, however, groups as large as 25 have visited in past years.  During the visit, students saw all of the different areas of the newsroom including production, graphics, master control, weather, the assignment desk and the main studio.  They spoke to assignment editors, an executive producer, graphic artist, anchor and a meteorologist during the visit.

Some of the students even got to try their hand at anchoring, or delivering the weather forecast.  They even got a shout-out on News 12 the Bronx’s Facebook page.

“We can’t wait to go back next year,” Roush said.  “We may even put together another trip during the warmer season so more first-year students can experience it.”

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Freshman Olympia Sanders laughs as she realizes just how difficult it is to present the seven-day forecast from the chroma key wall at News 12 the Bronx. (Photo: D. Roush)


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