Foreign Language Department Students Visit Washington D.C. (Student submission)


Group picture

Students gather across the water from the Jefferson Memorial for a photo opportunity.

(Student website submission)

WASHINGTON, DC – The Foreign Language Department was able to successfully host a trip to Washington D.C. from March 21st through March 22nd, 2014.  Those students who were able to attend the trip received another perspective on our nation’s history. Additionally, students had the luxury of visiting the National Air and Space Museum and the National Mall. 

A.P. Spanish Students

A.P. Spanish Students

Furthermore, with this experience, students can apply it to class, especially history, and enhance our and others knowledge. This knowledge and experience can come in handy when responding to prompts that refer to college essays. The student with an actual experience will have more to express and talk about than the student who only bases him or herself on what has been said. Therefore, the students would like to thank the Language Department teachers for making this possible and for contributing to our learning environment. 

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