4*11*14 ~ The Day of Silence


Today marks GLSEN’s 19th annual Day of Silence, one of the nation’s largest student-led days of action. Thousands of students across the country will take a vow of silence as a symbolic representation of the silencing effect of anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying, and harassment experienced by LGBT students and their allies.

Silence is powerful organizing tool that goes back generations. One reason people choose silence is because it can be used to show peaceful solidarity among participants. On the Day of Silence, students use silence as a tool to bring awareness to the experiences many LGBT youth still face each day as they walk the hallways and classrooms where they aren’t allowed to thrive being who they are. By taking a vow of silence, students bring the silencing effects of bullying and harassment to the consciousness of their school community and foster an environment where change in their schools and communities is possible.

Silence speaks volumes. You can amplify the message.
In addition to the vow of silence, participants will journal about their experiences throughout the day.

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