RAPP Peer Leaders Participated in WNYC Radio Rookies “Crushed” Series

RAPP Peer Leaders contributed to the WNYC Radio Rookies "Crushed" series.

RAPP Peer Leaders contributed to the WNYC Radio Rookies “Crushed” series.

Our Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) had another incredibly impactful and inspiring summer leadership program. In addition to writing and thinking critically about topics that affect them and their communities, the RAPP Peer Leaders researched and then hosted our second successful student-led Conference, facilitating eight thought-provoking workshops ranging from Gun Violence, Relationships, Media and Oppression. They always have ideas about how to foster continued partnerships within the Truman community and throughout New York City. And they do just that.

We were thrilled at Mari Santos’s (Class of 2015) selection as a Radio Rookie Intern, which culminated in her powerful segment which aired on WNYC, as part of their “Crushed: Teens and Dating Abuse” series. Because of the importance of the issues related to Teen Abuse and Teen Relationships, WNYC created a video series to complement the themes of the Radio Rookie segments.  We were proud to have eight of our students participate in the filming of these videos. 

It is an honor to work with such amazing youth leaders.

Below you will find the link to the series.


Radio Rookies: Crushed: Teens and Dating Abuse
Just as teens are starting to explore romance and relationships, an estimated one in three say they’ve experienced some kind of abuse. Radio Rookies report on the impact of abuse on their lives and their families. 


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