Truman Says NO MORE…


No More

No more violence. 

No more abuse.

No more excuses!

As we prepare to end the Fall semester, RAPP would like to invite the Truman community (staff, students, parents) to contribute to the “No More” campaign.

Think about the reason you say No More. Maybe it’s something like “I say No More because… everyone deserves to feel safe in their relationship.”

Think about what message you want to share to raise awareness of relationship abuse. Perhaps something like “No More pretending abuse doesn’t impact my community.”

For more information, please contact your RAPP Coordinator, Erika Miller. Visit room 425A, or reach via email,

Check out the No More organization’s facebook page for more images, and for links to more Public Service Announcements like this one, featuring NFL cornerback William Gay:


No More collage

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