Teens & Technology

The Relationship Abuse Prevention Program aims to educate our community about relationships, to raise awareness of abuse and promote healthy relating. A current trend that was not a factor in the early days of RAPP is technology, and we now incorporate information about the ways technology can be used in relationships.

Please take some time and read the information below from Common Sense Media.


Over the past decade, society has witnessed massive changes in the way media and technology intersect with how we work and live. Devices are more mobile, functional, and seemingly indispensable. What are the human costs of an “always connected” lifestyle, especially for our children? This brief examines the latest scientific research about problematic media use, articulating its pervasiveness, forms, and possible impacts on youth’s well-being and development, yielding some surprising findings and raising many more questions.

Common Sense polled over 1,200 parents and teens to find out how the saturation of mobile devices in family life is playing out in homes and child-parent relationships. Learn more in our infographic, “Dealing with Devices: The Parent-Teen Dynamic.



What are your thoughts on teens and technology?

How do you talk with them about which social media platforms they use?

What are the boundaries around use of technology at school and home?

Be open and transparent when discussing technology. Scare tactics do not work. Keep the conversation going.

If you’d like to talk more about this, please contact RAPP Coordinator, Erika Miller, at emiller11@schools.nyc.gov

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