We Need To Talk About Mental Health

There remains such negative stigma and misinformation about mental health. People often associate depression and anxiety with weakness, while also seeing seeking help and support as weak. We have to change that.

Rapper/Actor Kid Cudi recently disclosed his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, entering into a rehabilitation facility for help. His disclosure prompted the hashtag #YouGoodMan which has led to much needed conversation in communities of color about mental health, particularly with men of color. Girls suffer depression at twice the rate of boys, and are often held to stereotypes that undermine their reality. Actress Kerry Washington shared that she has been to therapy, because “keeping tabs on mental illness is just as important as monitoring physical illness.”

According to a report by the NYC Department of Health, 1 in 5 New Yorkers suffer from mental illness, including that 8% of public school kids say they’ve attempted suicide, and that 73,000 public high school students report “feeling sad or helpless each month.” In the report, it states that “Latina adolescents struggle the most with suicidal thoughts, the report says, while African-Americans are less likely to get mental-health treatment than whites, and more likely to suffer from long-term symptoms.” (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/1-5-new-yorkers-suffer-mental-health-disorders-report-article-1.2432656)

NYC has been making strides in addressing mental health in communities of color, through Thrive NYC and now NYC Well. We share this invaluable resource with you because everyone should know that help and support are available.


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