Media Program Goes LIVE!


BRONX, NY – The Truman Media Program has moved into the world of live broadcasts under a new partnership with NFHS Network, which will now allow them to stream live from their school studio, and from any remote location where reliable internet is available.

Truman students work the runway at H.S. of Fashion Industries in May.

“It just feels like the right next step for us,” according to Media teacher Dave Roush. “We’ve done lots of pre-taped events, so this marks a new territory and new learning opportunity for my students.”

The media team streamed the recent ROTC Military Ball and Dining Out event, and through a partnership with the High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan, they broadcast their annual “Drop The Mic 2017” Fashion Show.

Most school events will be free to stream by visiting NFHSNETWORK.COM. Any PSAL sporting events will require a paid membership to NFHS to watch live, or on demand for the first 72 hours after the event. All sporting events are free to watch on demand after 72 hours have passed.

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