Law & Legal Studies

Law Enforcement Academy
Course of study descriptions:
9th grade
Introduction to Criminal Justice:
Students explore contact with the criminal justice system as crime victim, eyewitness to a crime, or as a suspect accused of a crime. Criminal justice is explored as a function of governmental action by the legislative, judicial and executive branches. The components of the criminal justice system are investigated and researched in the areas of:
Law enforcement agencies: municipal, county, state, federal
Courts: municipal, state, federal
Corrections: probation, parole, jails, prisons

Overview of efforts to measure and theorize about crime, and to evaluate the effectiveness of criminal justice policies; who gets involved in crime and why?

10th grade
History of Crime, Criminal Justice, and Punishment:
Students explore infamous trials highlighting theory of deterrence, defense arguments, and punishment

The Criminal Justice System in Depth:
Criminal justice in America, judges and sentences and competing priorities in criminal justice

11th grade
Law Enforcement and Corrections:
Police, FBI, Bounty Hunters, Private Investigators, revenge and retribution, prisons and capital punishment are among topics researched and discussed

Delinquency, Drug Abuse and Juvenile Justice:
Course investigates children, violence and murder, kids and guns, crimes against children and juvenile crime

12th grade
Advanced Topics in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice:
This course reviews Hate Crimes, Race, Crimes and Punishment, Espionage and Treason, Terrorism in America, Crimes Against Humanity, Drugs, Crime and Criminal Justice as well as The Drug Question: The Constitution and Public Policy

Advanced Skills:
Decision-making, time management and drug resistance skills are explored as well as dispute resolution and conflict management skills, using computers in criminal justice and criminology research

Honors Law Academy
10th grade
Introduction of torts, civil & criminal law:
Civil, criminal law as part of the trial system

Legal Research & Writing:
Computer laboratory research utilizing legal studies software. Students will prepare legal briefs for mock trial/moot court.

11th grade
Constitutional Law I/II:
Introduction to Constitutional Law with emphasis on major United States Supreme Court cases

12th grade
Internship I/II:
Student internship to include but not limited to law firms, court offices, legal research centers, etc.

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