Law Program

The Harry S Truman Law Program has excelled academically for over 30 years. The Law Program has earned numerous awards and citations including those from the We The People Constitutional Law Contest, the Mock Trial Contest, and the Moot Court Debates. The program is served by licensed attorneys in the Classroom Speaker Series or through class curriculum guided by New York State social studies teachers. Incoming freshmen are offered an opportunity to utilize our full-size courtroom for class debates and after–school Law Team programs. Our inter-disciplinary program with the Truman Media Center creates an excellent tool for our students to practice their courtroom skills as well as self-critique through class presentations and debates utilizing video.


  • Introduction to Law
  • Bill of Rights
  • Criminal and Civil Laws
  • The Court System
  • Individual Rights and Liberties
  • Free Speech, Religion, Press
  • Due Process, Death Penalty
  • U.S. Supreme Court Cases
  • Current Event Research

Classroom Activities & Programs

  • Organized Debates
  • Analyzing Law Literature
  • Mock Trial Preparation/Moot Court
  • Internet Research
  • Research Papers/Projects
  • Individual and Team Presentations
  • Quality of Life Program
  • Student to Student (STS) Mentoring Program

External Learning Opportunities

  • Guest Speakers Series with attorneys and judges
  • Class Trip to New York City courtrooms
  • “We the People” – Citywide Constitution
  • Competition
  • Truman Law Team – Citywide Mock Trial Competition
  • Truman Law Team – Moot Court

Download The Law Program Brochure.

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