Truman Says NO MORE!

March is Women’s History Month, a month-long opportunity to highlight the pivotal role women have played throughout history and in society today. It also gives us time to shine light on the ways women and girls are marginalized. Women and girls experience higher rates of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and stalking. And that doesn’t take into account the impact media and popular culture have on a woman or girls sense of self esteem. In the face of such abuse, oppression and marginalization, we say NO MORE!

We must also take time to address men and boys. We know that the vast majority of men and boys are not abusive. We know that men and boys are also victims of abuse. But there is much need for men and boys to stand up and say NO MORE as well. Whether it’s rigid gender role stereotypes, religion or culture, or simply “bro code,” too many “good guys” remain silent in conversations around domestic violence and sexual assault. We need men and boys to join the movement, because we are Louder Together!

For No More week, we hope to have the entire Truman community join us because we all play a role in creating a culture of safety, equality, and respect. In Truman, please see your RAPP Coordinator, in room 425-A, to discuss ways you can be involved. We’ll be providing materials so you can contribute your “No More” to our bulletin board and social media platforms. RAPP Peer Leaders will be asking teachers for some time in the beginning of class periods to engage their peers in an activity – filling out their own “No More” poster.

Parents, even though you’re not on campus with us, you too can participate in No More week. Bring the conversation to work, to your place of worship, to a family function. The more conversations we are having about domestic violence and sexual assault, the more people are aware. The awareness then arms us with the tools to dismantle oppressive systems that have normalized abuse. Please contact Erika Miller if interested in a presentation, or visit for more information and to take the pledge.

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